Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes

Poultry And chorizo ragu

Aid this delicious fowl and chorizo ragu far more than rice or noodles as an easy midweek meal for loved ones. It is feasible to freeze out any leftovers for 1 more day time

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Nutrition: For every serving


A coarsely textured spiced pork sausage typically utilised in Spanish language and Mexican cooking. It can be made…

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  • coat potatoes, chopped parsley and soured lotion, to offer (optionally accessible)
  • Fry the chorizo spanning a reasonable heat in the sizeable saucepan or flameproof casserole dish for 5 minutes or right up until it emits its fuel and begins to char with the sides. Incorporate a lot more the onion and fry for five minutes a lot a lot more or appropriate up till light. Thought in the garlic herb and prepare foods for a couple of mins properly prior to mixing from the paprika and sundried tomato vegetation. Place the poultry higher thighs and fry for a pair of minutes every single aspect right up until they can be effectively coated in the spices or herbs and commencing to brown.

    Fill inside of the chopped tomato vegetation and provide, and convert the temperature down. Protect and cook dinner for 40 mins up until the rooster is deteriorating and the sauce is large. Stir the lemon juice via. Provide by piling spoonfuls of the ragu into scorching shirt potatoes with parsley scattered more than as effectively as a dollop of soured cream, if you enjoy.